i'm flor and m shadows touched my hand

i'm currently in some kind of semi-hiatus (or not) but you can still ask for requests but we aware that it will take a while.

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Matt’s birthday and Orgasm Day are on the same day. 😂 😏😏

Your edit for matt's birthday is so perfect!!

omg thank you so much! You’re really nice. :)

Happy 33rd Birthday, Matthew.
We love you! 


that moment in a concert where all the instruments stop and its just the singer and everyone around you and you don’t know like ninety percent of the people in the room but you all know the lyrics and you all know what that band has done for you and oh my god you realise that you’re surrounded by people you don’t know but you share at least one interest with each other and you feel like a family yeah you know that moment i live for that moment


Happy 33rd birthday M. Shadows

Omg this edit is amazing
omg thank you so much!! I was so unsure about it. 

Words can’t describe how much i admire you and how much you, and your band mean to me. 
Happy Birthday, you amazing, talented and wonderful man.

my eyes are literally hurting because all the photos of matt that i edited in less than two days

yeah, i can bae. haha i really want to see it
that’s great bae ;) i’m about to send it to you