i'm flor and m shadows touched my hand

i'm currently in some kind of semi-hiatus, so please, don't get mad if i dont answer your message right away.

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i hope no one it’s doing the “get to know” thing about Zacky bc i am doing it.

Omg, this gifset is so perfect, girl. I loved it.

omg i really put a lot of effort in it, so thank you!!

omf sorry lmao i had no idea but it looks good!!!
that’s okay, now there’s even more m shadows on tumblr haha thanks! 
flor!!! this is precious!
omg thank you so much! i’ve been doing this gifset for like 345678 years and then you posted the same and i was like “what the fuck do i do with this gifs now!!!!!!!!” but then like whatever i posted it anyways haha 

I  write from the heart and hopefully it works out.”

Kerrang list is bullshit! What type of sales chart are they looking at?!

well, it says it’s based on sales of album/ticket/merch and social media reach, so.. i don’t know a lot about the other bands but i think it’s okay that a7x is in the #14 place, i mean, at least they are at the top 15. 

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so what the fuck do i do with those gifs now?